ShutterPlus: Full-featured Camera, Muted Shutter, Volume Key for Shutter

samedi 10 septembre 2011

ShutterPlus v1.4

At last, I fixed the early releases with this version 1.4.

Note that ShutterPlus is currently supported on Android 2.3.3 and above.

ShutterPlus is a full-featured camera and video camera app that mutes that annoying shutter sound when taking pictures. It also allows you to take photos using your phone volume keys.

This application can be installed or moved on SD card.

Shutter sound and volume key tones are turned off (both camera and video camera). Your volume settings are automatically restored when you pause or exit the application.
Use Volume Up or Down to activate shutter, focus is done automatically. You can still use the softkey shutter or the dedicated button if you have one on your phone.
And now you can hold your phone in landscape mode and take photos in a natural and more stable fashion.
Or take pictures of yourself even if your device does not have a front facing camera.

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